Academy Training specialise in the delivery of work based learning NVQ's in the Construction Industry, this specialism has led to us delivering exceptional results in this area.


Delivering learning to a high standard based on integrity, discipline, attention to detail and a desire to ensure our Learners get the best possible learning experience has led us to a position of high quality competence.

External quality Advisors, Quality Mangers for our partners, Employers and Learners alike are agreed that our quality standards are second to none.

Academy has met and exceeded all quality requirements recieving sterling EQA reports and meeting the necessary standards sought by the SFA to be included on their approved training provider register. But here at Academy Trainining we do not sit on our laurels, we look to continually improve. Currently we arepersuing our Matrix accreditation and will achieve this in full by year end 2015.


We have a strong team of Assessors, IQA's and administrative management which enables us to maintain a consistant performance delivery for our partners, Learners and Employers.

We have long standing effective relationships with local Employers across the UK. And this supports our ability to recruit new Learners. Our assessing teams are augumented by our ongoing recruitment and training program that takes the new Assessor from a standing start of no or very little experience as an Assessor to a fully trained and cabable assessing professional. No other training provider does this.

We have recently invested in our own training centre facility where we have started to run EWPA courses. This is a great addition to our resource capability and now allows us to train, assess and qualifiy workers who cannot be visited on the work based site or paticularly when unemployed but need the qualification and training to get back to work.

Learner Bank

We maintain long standing relationships with local employers across the UK. This has enabled us to identify learners who need training and assessment in a much more efficient and effective way.

This is an important and integral component in the overall success of our business, as sourcing Learners can for many Training Providers prove both time consuming and non effective.


Our approch to training relies heavily on good communication with all stake holders involved. The Learner, our partners, the Employer and ourselves have to be fully in tune with each other for a successful training and learning experience to transpire. We achieve this by ensuring we have robust reporting systems, checkbacks and scheduled communication events. Set up to work as required and adjusted and bespoked to the specific demands of each stakeholder relationship.

This means we get it right across the board and with every individual intrested party to the objectives targeted.


Here at Academy Training we recognise the importance of being able to provide our services on demand and with the same efficiency as when we have a fully planned delivery schedule to work to.

We appreciate that not every learning demand can be pre-determined and scheduled and so we work with an efficiency capability reactive framework that enables management access to required resources as and when demand strikes.


Academy Training is at the forefront of seeking innovation and improvement in performance and quality in the delivery of training services.

We have spent some considerable time evaluating both our own business operation and that of other training providers. Seeking out best practice and identifiying the crucial operational activities of such businesses with a view to finding better ways to get the tasks, procedures and duties that are both everyday and exceptional in nature, completed more efficiently and with a greater positive effect.

We have engaged with different external consultants specialising in improving operational effciency and assessed and evaluated their expertise and the finding s of their reports with a view to how they could be implemented within our own business to greater effect.

Further to this amongst a number of significant developments we have made to our business operations the single most impactful change we have made is the introduction of the Libertas tablet based Assessment software. This has fundementally revolutionised our assessing performance aiding in doubling the assessor completions and substantial increments in the quality of the assessments carried out.